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Over 800 Backyard Paradises created throughout the Chicagoland suburbs over the past 32 years!

Sunco Pools has installed hundreds of fiberglass inground pools throughout the Chicagoland area. We’ve seen the easy jobs and we’ve seen the tough jobs. But we’ve seen every swimming pool job through to the customer’s satisfaction!

We install the complete line of San Juan fiberglass inground pools which now contains over 100 different models. And we do all of our own work – we don’t subcontract out any part of your San Juan pool fiberglass pool installation. The job gets done fast and right every time!

Why should you have Sunco Pools build your backyard paradise?

About Our Patience

Sunco Pools listens very carefully and installs the inground pool you want! Deciding which San Juan fiberglass pool is best for you is difficult – this is a big decision and we understand that!

A Sunco Pools specialist will come to your home to share information, discuss your ideas, and then create a beautiful Pool Studio 3D Model of what your new inground pool will look like right in your own back yard. This model includes pool shape, landscaping, pool accessories and furniture, and more.

Sunco will also develop a comprehensive installation plan using state-of-the-art software which takes into account every factor regarding your home, yard, and neighborhood. We will ensure that you love your new San Juan fiberglass pool. We’ve installed and customized some pretty amazing in-ground pools and decks over the past few years.

About Sunco Pools Products

Sunco Pools builds the highest quality fiberglass pools made using the best materials possible! An inground pool is a long term commitment – the pools we install are going to last a long, long time.

San Juan fiberglass pools are built to last a lifetime. Fiberglass pools are over 17 times stronger than concrete in-ground swimming pools. Each pool comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty on structure. The first San Juan fiberglass pool was installed in 1958 and is still in excellent shape and in use today!

About Sunco Pools Prices

Sunco Pools works with you to ensure we provide an affordable and attractive in-ground pool.

Many of our customers are amazed at the low price of installing a fiberglass in-ground swimming pool. Fiberglass pools are far less expensive to install and maintain than traditional concrete pools. We also do all the work ourselves – we don’t subcontract out any part of your pool installation. This helps keep your costs down!

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“The installation was simply amazing to watch. You transformed our backyard from a dreary deck to a beautiful oasis.

Thanks John, to you and the Sunco Pool team! This is something we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.”

– Bob and Sue Baltrus